Export Development

We work with UK companies that want to do business internationally as well as international companies that want to do business in the UK. The UK is the center of international business and trade. Ambitious, growing UK companies are always looking to expand into new markets. Even companies operating exclusively in the UK often obtain goods and services from overseas suppliers.


The UK, with its developed economy and well-established financial market, is also a fantastic place for foreign companies to set up subsidiaries and holding companies.

To reap the rewards of doing business internationally, you must overcome challenges and mistakes and make the most of financial and regulatory opportunities. Having the right business consultants on your side, providing the right ideas and knowledge when you need it, will go a long way in your international business success.

We provide you with the full range of specialized international services you need to succeed. Our employees in the UK and around the world are experts in advising ambitious, entrepreneurial, and fast-growing businesses. They have the knowledge and skills that will significantly impact your business.

Our local and market trade advisory combine hands-on export experience with the latest international trade knowledge and high-level connections in both government and business to:

  • Connect you to international networks

  • Provide the latest market and industry information

  • Work with you to achieve your global business goals

Our proactive role means that our people understand all the challenges faced by companies doing international business and know first-hand about initiatives to support international business.

We hope to help you seize opportunities in new markets.