About Us

UK Trade & Business Advisory

UK Trade and Business Advisory is a professional organization of multi-disciplined experts. 


Our collective aim is to provide specific export development and international trade facilitation solutions that will help customers achieve maximum value while reducing costs.

We specialize in implementing innovative and market-leading solutions that enable small to medium-sized businesses to integrate into supply chains, export into new markets, drive sustainable growth, and increase profitability.

This company was conceived and founded in 2019 and consists of a robust group of highly innovative, dynamic, and experienced professionals with a combined professional experience of over 50 years, across international trade, project support, and delivery.

While other business consulting companies share similar visions, we set ourselves apart by implementing innovation at all service levels and deploying the most capable industry experts equipped to relate to each case study, both professionally and personally.

At UK trade and business advisory, we continually improve our way of working and address market challenges to continue to deliver measurable and sustainable results for our clients and our communities. We have extensive experience, resources and technical skills to find creative solutions to complex problems for both private and corporate clients and as complementary partners for professional intermediaries.

Thus, our experts offer advice and insights into critical sectors and focus on delivering results by encouraging and coaching businesses to meet their goals and objectives.